Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win
Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Neelam Tyagi



Neelam Tyagi


The Corona Scare!

The Corona Scare!

4 mins

We were too busy wrapping up the current academic year,

And to roll out the new one!

Life, as usual, was a race against time.

We were wracking our brains to think out of the box.

Our brains kept ticking round the clock.

To welcome our new students in their new classes,

We had to come up with a fantabulous plan.

Finally, everything was all set!

We were satisfied.

Things were ready to take off.

But who says life always goes as planned?

This time we all were caught off-guard!

Before we could realize,

The ground beneath our feet was suddenly pulled,

The violent upheaval shook the whole world! 

Alas! The day of 16th March,

As planned in our academic calendar never dawned.

The excitement, which was paramount in students and teachers

Was wiped-out as the world was gripped by a pandemic!

The silence, of uncertainty, took over!

It was like a lull before the storm!

A storm, whose magnitude no one could measure!

Overnight 'Corona Virus' had become the horrid reality!

A reality, which in a matter of seconds

Stood to defy the existence of the whole world!

Everyone was gripped by fear!

To safeguard our students,

The term break at the school was indefinitely extended.

The testing times had begun!

We braved up to fulfill the dual role at school and home!

To protect our little, impressionable young minds

To keep them fruitfully occupied

We the teachers put our heart and soul

And ensured that learning must go on.

We made technology our tool,

And began connecting with our students.

Who were safe in their homes, but missed school.

The deafening silence was broken, as we got busy again!

Few classrooms were converted into the recording rooms.

Teachers began to redesign the content.

As teaching comes naturally to us things went smoothly.

We all smiled a contented smile as our plan began to materialize!

I too was excited, to try out the new innovative way.

Standing in front of the camera, I looked up to greet and smiled.

But there was no one to reciprocate!

The empty classroom stared back at me!

The realization hit me like a bolt.

The gravity of the problem numbed me to the core.

I was too overwhelmed to speak words choked and I was tongue-tied.

Tears rolled down my cheeks.

Shattered, I rushed out of the room. 

Oh God! I plead, "Let this fade out like a bad dream!"

We had never realized that this, we will have to reap.

I plead, " Let our little angels be safe."

"Let them be back into our garden of learning."

"Let it once again, resound with their happy sound!"

To you, I promise, 

"These little angels sent from above 

Will be nurtured by us with love and care."

"We will teach them to love, respect, share, and care."

"To nurture so, that they too can be nurtured!"

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