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Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Ratna Kaul Bhardwaj



Ratna Kaul Bhardwaj


My Mom's Funeral - Part 2

My Mom's Funeral - Part 2

2 mins

While gathering your ashes, to my surprise

I found myself calm and placid,

The core was filled with different energy

And mind quite focussed.

The last ritual when your ashes

Were immersed in Holy river, The Ganges,

The sudden fact was now on the books

That what was lost was your physical presence.

Awakening my deep core a voice quietly

Hissed in my ear,

“Don’t consider me dead, I am around

I have just changed the shore.

I have left everything as it,

Nothing has changed my child,

Wear no sorrow, don’t grieve, heal yourself

Face the reality and be bold and mild.

We are still the same and so is

Unchanged our relation,

Your talks about me and my ways

Towards me will exhibit your compassion.

I know the continuity has broken now

You might feel forlorn,

But my child this is just a break

Heal yourself, don’t grieve, don’t mourn.

Every morning when you will face the sun

You will find me in its rays,

Nourishing your soul will be the cool breezes

Also guiding you, in all your ways.

Understand my child, everyone is born

With hours limited, also with a purpose,

I played my innings with honesty now my soul is free

What flames took was simply a mortal corpus.

I may seem so far away from you

Beyond the clouds, beyond the shores,

Yet you remember, what we lose is the

Physical part, what remains alive, are the souls.

Forget about being low and sad, and

Begging apologies for not being around at my last breath,

You are my slice that I have left behind, stand up

 Accept the fact, what is real is the cycle of birth and death".

Suddenly the voice disappeared and

Some divine force embraced me tenderly,

And made me feel that Mom is heading to heavens

In peace, in tranquility, taking each step firmly, gently………..(to be continued)

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