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Ernesto Ugarte Jr

Drama Abstract Others


Ernesto Ugarte Jr

Drama Abstract Others



4 mins

To the liquor we contain but to the emotions that we spill let us chill while we talk about life and be real for a second..

Let this moment in our present be mentioned as a legend to all who questioned.

Deny the past of unpleasant resentments.

Tonight we drink until the sun's luminescence takes away all of our innocence.

I can't bottle this feeling any longer, so I  open another bottle and let it flow though my veins of sorrow.

Cry with shame in hopes of a better tomorrow because right now only pills and bottles is what I’m able to swallow.

It stings me with the fire at the tip of my tongue.

Shots burning my throat dancing to a song that I use to escape my reality on the faith of a new start.

Leaving all my issues behind me to make me a new man.

 Every laugh, every smile just a painting above the sand.

 Dig me up from my coffin if you want to discover the real man.

 It lies in the poison that I hide deep within my veins.

All the frights, all the secretes, all the pain.

Expectations of wonders is what I should've became but I sort of fell short and that's why I’m here playing this drinking game.

*emotional breakdown kind of drunk*

how do I continue to live what I’m going though, so many unbearable faults I have, don't know what to fucking do.

 I'm a fool without a clue, my life is a drive playing the blues.

I'm afraid of my future and all the things I won't get to do. But what is there to do?

I sit here plainly, alone with my empty thoughts, wishing I would fought these feelings of insecurities.

 Stray away from the majority and become my own authority.

 Take pride in myself and be a better form of me.

But I didn't... I became the villain that lacked the vision of an efficient commitment to myself.

 I swear I need some help.

But nobody has the time to guide my mind towards this hidden light we find inside of life.

So I sit here listening to the sounds insides my empty walls.

Is it me or is it the sounds of destiny that calls.

Waiting for me to fall and meet my own demise.

Don't lie to me because I can see it in your eyes.

We all end up dying in some kind of way, so don't say that everything will be okay.

Just obey and carry the weight but please I beg of you no matter what.

 Don't lose your faith.

Because no matter how far away you lay, no matter which way you look there will always be another drug to get on hooked.

Weak mentalities just so you can escape your reality.

 Get away as far as your mind can see.

Until you find that nirvana that you so desperately need.

Isn't that what we seek, to find a place where we can live life carelessly?

 Well… I hope not to be as I perceive. Because honestly I believe all I need is just another heartbeat next to mine.

Another human to give me the time.

 What I really need is a sweet humble voice to hear whenever I’m near my beloved divine.

My partner in crime that'll never let me resign, picks me right back up whenever I’m not in my prime.

A faithful true boo whose heart I would always intertwine with all night.

 Give her my all to be her shining knight, to show her the world while we conquer cities with our might.

 I'd fall for her luxurious curves only to put up a fight and realize: she's probably right! And that's alright...

The moon would be watching over us night after night until she hides away in the shine of my baby's eyes.

 So in time I apologize if I cry when I look at her face.

 Just know that sometimes we never think we'd end up in such a beautiful place with a beautiful woman.

And no that don't mean that she has to have a hell of a bosom, I’m talking about her peace and her love that she will use to fill the holes in your heart with.

 So never...ever... *hiccup* stop fighting for what you believe in...even if it's two in the morning and you're passed out cold speaking gibberish.

**passes out and dies....... Jk he's okay don't worry.....the end**



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