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Harshita Masand



Harshita Masand


Deep Within It Goes....

Deep Within It Goes....

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The ocean so vast and blue,

A world which can't be seen through.

Life is like a deep ocean,

An azure world of problems with solutions.

Deep within it goes....

Locks you within the blackest doors.

Vast and beautiful all along,

Like a bed of roses with thorns.

So take a deep breath and dive under,

There will be raging storms and violent thunders.

Swim along but never run,

The journey through is great fun.

Deep within it goes....

Locks you within the blackest doors.

Throughout many creatures you will meet,

Some will betray you while some may give you lead.

Pull you down will the waves,

Free yourself and rise up like the sun's rays.

Deep within it goes...

Locks you within the blackest doors.

Once you swim all through and your journey comes to an end,

You have faced all your challenges,

Ripped away, far and safe from all consequences.

Looking at the setting dawn,

thinking how far you've grown.

'Let deep within it go,

(Proudly) Cause I know high above I rose.'

So high!

The world is trying to put me down,

In the darkest depths I drown.

The beauty is vanishing in front of me,

Now how deeper the darkness gets is all I see.

My wings have caught fire,

So have all my desires.

I could see the smoke from the fuming flames rise above,

I am getting destroyed whom I built with so much of love.

I will slowly turn into dust and ash,

Feel my plane witness a dreadful crash.

I know that I will rise again,

Like a phoenix transform back from my remains.

I will fly so high that only the clouds will be my paradise,

A stronger form; the queen of my edifice.

The world beneath me,

Will have to look above and see.

I will show the world my power,

My strength when the clock struck the hour.

Now I will be brave, strong, fierce always,

Not care to what the world has to say.

The world will yet have critical lessons to teach,

But this time I'll be beyond their reach.

Because now I soar into the sky,

I go so high, so high!

Phobia with an 'F' for fears.

These fears are like shadows I always thought,

That haunted me forever in spotlight,

To solve which darkness I brought,

These fears never left me whether day or night.

They always made me the background,

They are like fruits on a leafless tree,

So I never let any light around,

But I endeavor to break free.

I was dying in the depth of my heart,

Wanted to show myself and shine,

Thought of but could never make a start,

I let it stay till it was completely mine.

It took some time for me to understand,

That these fears are like shadows not,

This is my territory, my land,

Fears ARE the darkness that rot.

I always kept myself away,

As shadows leave in the dark,

But this reality made a change in a different way,

I was clenched tight to the tree bark.

But then I came in the light,

The stars entered my life and lit me up,

Made my hollow world bright,

From the bottom I then reached the top.

This was the story of my life,

How I rose above,

How from a metal I turned into knife,

And faced each curve.

The unknown thing.

It has betrayed me so many times,

Played very unfair with me,

Swayed me away like a wind chime,

Beyond nothing I could see.

This thing to me is unknown,

Since childhood with me it has grown.

Sometimes bottled me inside like a genie,

Sometimes set me free as a bird,

Sometimes made me feel great, sometimes weeny,

This feeling it gave me was absurd.

This thing to me is unknown,

Since childhood with me it has grown.

Made a lot of doubts in my mind,

I questioned before taking each step,

Surely this thing is one of a kind,

For, for blowing situations it made me prep.

This thing to me is unknown,

Since childhood with me it has grown.

Although it put me so much through,

From a bud I blossomed into a flower,

Since forever its been my crew,

With a single step now I've come so far.

This thing to me is unknown,

Since childhood with me it has grown.

Made me stand in front of fire,

But then came with a rush of water,

Always dressed in a different attire,

At first, for me it was my boycotter.

We are like a pair of fork and knife,

This unknown thing is what is called life.

Critics theory.

Criticism tramples one like glass beneath our feet,

Makes one feel like a nobody,

Stranded on an isolated island,

Brain tries to forget yet attracts it like a magnet,

Stuck in the middle but running round in circles,

Echos like a nursery rhyme in the ears,

Which shatters us like pieces of glass,

Yet with bleeding feet we go through it,

Trying to look for nectar in a dried flower,

Scars and bruises with words cut deep inside,

Knots of tangled threads are stuck,

With one end leading to another end,

The start is the end or the end is the start,

Can't undersatnd when the mind completely falls for it,

But after the grass gets trampled, it grows back again,

It takes the ray of hope and the elixir and stands up tall,

Criticism is like a strong mountain in our way,

Which we need to climb with a painful journey,

Can't move it so we have to face it,

But enjoy the ride back down from the top like a slide,

Cause remember a mountain has two slopes- one is steep and the other is gentle.

How majestic it is!

How majestic is our life on earth!

How majestic is our journey!

With great triumph and zest we march through and think of how it wows us.

How majestic is this world!

How majestic is our very own existence!

The state of our being is a question in its self.

How majestic is the mystery of our truth!

How majestic are we!

Are we really a form of energy and mud or just an element of science?

How majestic is the power inside us!

How majestic are the thoughts we soar into!

The healing ability of the untrodden faith and hope.

How majestic is our formation!

How majestic is our survival!

The body of mud before birth and after death.

How majestic are the ashes we turn into!

How majestic are the flames that rage us!

Every breath we take turns into a moment and fades away.

How majestic is the parallel universe we live in!

How majestic is the diminishing of our soul!

Into a new world of life we step and majestically serve the Majesty.

Oh Why O Death Oh Why?

Oh Why O Death Oh Why?

You don't come notified,

But leave a mark behind,

To avoid an encounter everybody tried,

Yet you somehow feared their minds.

Oh Why O Death Oh Why?

You are the dark, unknown entity we fear,

From us our loved ones you whisper away,

And every heart sheds a tear,

In our thoughts you always stay.

Oh Why O Death Oh Why?

You tear our soul apart,

Sometimes give us a dreadful end,

Black and white turns our heart,

We try to accept the truth with a bend.

Oh Why O Death Oh Why?

You horrify us; unseen in the dust,

Take a needle and convert it into a blade,

You make out polished minds rust,

What of us is made.

Oh Why O Death Oh Why?

Can't you be a child's play,

Let us hold onto life like this,

Let our better halves stay,

'Cause there is so we much we regret and miss.

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