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Mind Bot

Mind Bot

1 min

It seems that storms and trails, love to come my way.

The world loves to send me things that slowly eat my brain.

It seems I'm meant to face every challenge possible.

The world loves to beat me down into the smallest obstacle.

It seems my logic has left me - with a stir crazed brain.

The world has taken over, my body unconsciously played like a game.

It seems reality has left the subconscious area of my thoughts.

The world throws its cloak over me and my mind becomes a bot.

It seems my memory has been wavered, over time going through hell.

The world has taken the feeling of comfort from me, and left only its shell.

It seems I'm meant to search daily for sympathy regarding my own heart.

The world has left me emotionless, never knowing where to start.

It seems I'm meant to chase the feeling of being wanted.

The world always pounds me down and reminds me I've been rejected.

So I'll keep it quiet, I'll keep these concerns to myself undone.

How can you tell a living soul your only an exoskeleton?

I'll keep pushing through this world of darkness, feeling with my heart..

Until I find the place I can be less robotic and I can finally play my own part.

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