Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win
Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

One More Time

One More Time

2 mins

Her Confession

Hey love!

Yes I called you that 

Yes I meant it 

Yes you mean the world to me

But why do you doubt

Why do you feel so angry

What makes you unlove me 

What makes you so insecure 

I am here 

I am panting for your trust

I am waiting for you to grab me 

I am waiting for your attention

But all you do is

Talk of breakup

Talk about how jealous you feel

Talk through your sarcastic tones

Why do you expect me to leave my passion

Why don't you believe me when I say I'm yours 

Why do you want me confined to your love

Don't you think I need liberation 

Don't you think I need to breathe

Don't you think that my dreams are important 

Don't you think I need to conquer the world

You doubt my ability 

You doubt my trust

You doubt my love

You doubt all of me

I fear one day I'll doubt your existence too

Because you do suffocate me now 

Because the love in me is dying every second

Because your presence brings me fear 

Because I feel that I don't feel anything for you


Now I intend to live a life with you and not for you

Now I intend to snatch my freedom from you

Now I intend to walk past you 

And not feel my heart skip its beat 

Now all I want to do is run away from you.

His Senario

The hole was deep and painful

Which can't be filled by any means 

Where once my heart had a place to sneak in,

As I bestowed it to her  

Without any second thoughts within

But I have nothing left to discern

For aching up my empty sleeves.

Can I hold my breath for a while,

With a hope that won't ever bother

As I want to whine

With all that's left inside.

Every drops I shed,

Would add to my forsaken love once again.

But I would rather die,

If I ever behold her tears 

Rolling down her squeaky eyes

That might make me lose her 

For the very first time.

I did carve her name on my wrist

With a blade which was defying within

Eager to bleed those indelible memories

Deep down my veins

Running through my heart

Which was hysterical within

Wish every ounce of my blood,

Would add to my love

No matter how it conceals

So bleed me withered

As I would prefer to die

To lose you a second time

So leave me high

As I won't survive

Than lose you incessantly forever

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