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Dibakar Ghosh



Dibakar Ghosh




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Life of millennials are so juvenile

A day they walk down the stars

A night they run through a beacon of light

Encircled by a drape concealing darkness

To baffle those minds with no clue left aside

With no hope to survive

Either to curb those filthy signs

Or to get chucked in broad daylight

Is this how those spotless minds

Keep their body & soul together

With lies and iniquity all together.

Life's so miserable and impolitic

All we do around is so hasty

With a bunch of ethics to live by

All we do to turn Equality upside-down

With a flock of literates heading through

Under the norms of monetary

All we do to be a cannibal out of misery

Is this how we dream of a paradise,

Where there's no humane ilk left in human minds.

What if a girl wants to live her life

And breathe the air under no ties

What if a lassie wants to be a bit sassy,

To fulfill every yearning that comes by

And to be around those masses

Who makes her feel divine.

What if a wife wants to outlive that happiness 

Which she craves round-the-clock

Even after she pampers indubitably

Every requisite her spouse endures.

No matter what she contemplates,

Alas! Those desires land to oblivion.

This generation never fails to stagger

Even if she suffers and serves

Every need of a man that deserves

And ease his pique even if he resents.

But a man never blunders to let her guard down

Frowns like a ruffian who got on the loose

Hit & slap her as if she's the lost cause

All he does to take control 

Over his priceless possession

As if he enslaved a jailbird in his mudhole.

This mankind never rue

Slapping someone without a clue

Even if there's no rationale to go through.

Such a despisal is hard to ponder

Even if a girl neither hold out against

Nor cross swords against those odds

Till there's nothing left to lose.

Maybe it's high time,

One should stand audacious to those crimes

To stand tall against the ferocity

That beholds a million lives

Maybe it's time,

To let go of those heinous folks

That makes their life miserably unknown

And oppose against those slaps

That makes them devour,

As everyone's one and the same

In the eyes of the impartial law.

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