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Let Them Live

Let Them Live

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Been a while,

Under the crimson sky,

Shrouded by the hazy sunshine,

With those hazel eyes,

In search of a shade instance,

For where a soul solemnly stance,

With every strength to live once again.

Will there be hope,

For fear to elope,

Through a mile of woe?

Will there be scope,

For peace to affix

What's broken deep inside that mould?

Will there be a mole,

For harbouring what's left,

In that drenched peel,

While delving those graves,

With no desire to live more?

Spiraling around those uncharted walkways

Glancing those eerie souls

Squandering their only yearning

That could lead their way to serenity

To their chaotic upkeep.

What's the merry purpose of living,

If all blooter their castles in the air?

What's the difference in survival,

If all kill their very humanly perception

That they truly pin their hopes on?

Let them live

Let them thrive

For the very thing that keeps them alive.

Let them fly with their feathers held high

Let them hymn like a never-ending sunshine

For their dreams which bring them in line.

Let them live and whine 

Till death do them part.

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