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Dibakar Ghosh

Abstract Drama


Dibakar Ghosh

Abstract Drama



1 min 217 1 min 217

Peeping through those kinky cracks

Of a window filled with mishaps

Towards those glittering stars

Shimmering through the shrunken sky

Filled with demise under pain and disguise

Thinking about those dreary nights

Which never let my eyes drift for a while

As my past kept on snooping in the hours of eventide

As if there was never a time to let my hair down

And lead a life with no second thoughts in mind.

Even if I try to step aside

Looking for an ally that can coerce me to smile

And shed tears tediously with no scruples left aside.

But life never misses the boat to thwart,

On the ground that there's no cogent reason behind a treason

As every ally is an alibi for being a detractor.

Still so pious to keep afloat as a charade

As melancholy is a chunk of my life

Still I thrive through those very odds

With every bit of zest that puts me on loop

Standalone on those graves of hordes

That never lets me abhor

Cause that's how we roll

Through every stance

That makes me live from square one.

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