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Dibakar Ghosh

Abstract Drama


Dibakar Ghosh

Abstract Drama

A Clown in Disguise

A Clown in Disguise

1 min 224 1 min 224

A string of ties that keeps us nigh

With a hope to stride a million miles

The one that makes me feel as sweet as pie

With no loose ends on line

Or a thread of lies to set a coarse 

To our timid lives

A clown that keeps me so high

With a bunch of laughter that makes me cry

A sweet tooth that giggles all the time

In a hunt for pudding in disguise

All she can thrive eventide

For a sprinkle of confetti in her dreary life

Which makes her feel alive. 

Is it so devine? 

To have a sister who's so alike

Nonetheless we never lookalike

Still there's a rhyme that never dwindle anytime

As a part of us that never shreds us apart

Cause love is just that twitch

That keeps us afloat every minute and more. 

What if we bore from a single fruit, 

With a foothold that helped us hover

In a shovel plunged with felicity and fancy for furthermore

As adding one on two makes us whole

If one gets knocked down, 

then the twain can venge on

And even if we both fall apart, 

But get pilled by every syndromes. 

Is she the one that makes me rekindle, 

Through every odds that tear me apart. 

What if my teardrops tend to fall, 

But I wish for this clown who always dote on, 

By that skin and blister from another hearthstone. 

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