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Kai T.



Kai T.


Tea With God

Tea With God

4 mins 375 4 mins 375

One day you will die

And go to a place

You will stand there with your god

What will you say?

Will you recognize him in the first sight

Or will you take a little time?

Will you ask him his name first

Or will you sing your little rhymes?

What will you say if he asks you

How was your life?

Will you show him your scars first

Or your back filled with knives?

Will you stand there patiently

Or will you run to hug him first?

Will you tell him what you gain in life

Or tell him what you lost?

Will you tell him who you met?

When you drink his cup of tea

Will you tell him of the vast lands first

Will you tell him about the enormous sea?

Will you tell him about the love of

Your pretty little life or

Will you tell him how you miss your children and your

Beautiful wife?

Will you tell him about your parents who give you birth or

Will you tell him how many times you wanted to leave his earth?

Will you tell him how many wishes were left there unfulfilled or

Will you tell him about the blank spaces left to be filled?

Will you boast about the money that you make in your life but

What if he asks you where is all the money that you bring and hide?

I know what you will do

You will sit there empty-handed

With nothing by your side

But maybe he will love to hear

All the memories that you made

Maybe he will love to hear who left

You at tough times and who always stayed

Maybe he will want to know the little things that made you happy

Or all the things that you said made your day

A little more crappy!

The little cup of tea will be finished soon

He will ask you what you want

A curse or a boon

But don't tell him about the stories of heaven

And hell that devil haunts

He will look at you confused

He will ask you what that mean

He will ask you haven't you seen

The good and evil you were fearing

Were always hiding within

All in the body and mind that you live

All in the beauty of the poison that you sip

All on the earth say it heaven or hell

All was in front of you

You just can't spell

Then you will realize exactly what you did

You ruin all the beauty of the things that he made

You use too much brain

For the things that were in front

That life was made to live not

For some public stunt

You were too busy in searching for the truth

That you ruin the surfaces that were once smooth

You realize what you did when you look him in the eyes

Then you will see the pain that he always hides

You see you never remember other than your times in need

Can you tell me honestly have you been a friend indeed

You will see he is hurt by your actions and your words

He just sends a child to live a life

That comes back as a man ever worst

Will you feel guilty or

Will you blame him again?

What will you say if he asked you

What did you do the things he gave?

Will you tell him you destroyed them

For proving his own existence fake?

What will you do if he asks you

What do you really want

Do you want to live with him

Or want to again be born?

Cause after all you did

Will you look him in the eyes?

Can you live with him with guilt

By telling him your sweet lies?

So you will choose to born again to maybe

Correct all your mistakes

But when you come back here you will

Repeat them again and again

Cuz you will forget your little chat with the

Cup of tea with God

You will keep leaping in you narrow mindset

Never you will make it broad

Cuz you will always think of measly things such

As your fake little pride and allure strange traditions and voices of those lies

He will see you from up there

He will miss you again cuz when you got the

Chance to be with him you lost it again

You will never see him

But you will hurt him again

Cuz he is up there lonely

Waiting to be found again

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