Subha Rajagopalan

Abstract Drama


Subha Rajagopalan

Abstract Drama

Slipping Through My Fingers

Slipping Through My Fingers

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I spent my wakeful hours

Pondering over her

And waiting for her to show up.

But she had other plans

Of invading my dreams

And my tryst with Hypnos*

I wanted to hold her tight

With my loving stretched arms

I took a step closer.

But she flitted like a butterfly

Before I could touch her,

Slipping through my fingers.

Enraged, I planned better next time

Lying in wait, ready to pounce

To prey upon, when I got a whiff of her.

Often she never showed up

And if she did, she would disappear

Without a sign of her presence.

She wore a different robe each time

Rarely tidy, sometimes crumpled

But mostly messy.

But in the most unexpected of times

She would just glide by submissively

And fall on my lap, like a puppy.

And when I am lucky,

She briefly she lets me in;

Into the secret world of words.

I quickly placed a tiny fraction of her on paper

Before she threw me out

Life is no fairly tale, with happily ever afters.

*Hypnos: Greek God of Sleep

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