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Sky Lights

Sky Lights

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I stood on the terrace in a lonely summer eve

The moon wasn’t up yet, Sun had taken its leave.

Looked up high, noticed the contrasting hues doing a mime

Just like the smouldering lights in the Christmas time.

The colours up then shifted and made their distinct rooms,

Like we do in this land where only the flowers know to bloom.

On one side the brick red strand divided the blue space

Nearby surrounded by the clouds emerged a white face.

The blue and red appeared to cavort about the sky

Reminded me of brothers guffawing with hopes always high.

But the white space fenced with clouds made me think about 

The injustice and discomfiture people face all around.

I wanted to smile and looked back on the red

Like last Christmas when the girl lay dead,

Life was so sweet that night when all my playfellows came

Honouring my invitation above their petty games.

As it was too cold I shut all the windows not letting the wind of coldness enter anymore,

Ignoring the little girl moaning against the door.

Next morning I saw the girl’s body without a soul

Nature declared her death with snow covering her as she lay on the floor.

An invitation was given to only the people who didn’t need it 

And not to the ones who needed something to eat. 

Up in the sky today as the clouds entrapped the lone one

I did the same mistake of turning to the red disregarding the miserable tone.

Probably I will again do the same

As humanity has been owned by brutality and fame.

The white strand disappeared from the sky for a while

There are many waiting to be discovered when I walk the miles.

Does the sky even know why the white vanished?

Does the sky even know why red and blue replenished?

Do we even know why we pretend to smile?

Do we even know that some people are deprived to call their things ‘mine’?

One day we will realise that selfishness was futile

But that’s when we will be the stars high up and shine.

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