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Aging! A process very natural

Certain shifts, behavioral

Begins with the very first day of birth

A cruel fact for living , on the earth.

Toddler ,Young , youth, middle age and later years

Life is to live through clocks and calendars.

The journey begins with the care, intense

Dependent on others, as less is the sense

Inches by inches, every year the organs grow

Both Internal and external with a majestic glow

From a toddler to puberty,

To a majestic youth with high humility

Then hits the age with premier responsibilities

Once over, soul and body gains back those liberties.

Ah ! Now Body is aching, bones a little stiff

A little dim is the eye sight, sleep! a little sniff

Deep lines on the skin, Heart still young

In taste buds, a little swung.

Memories, somehow overlapped

Accepting changes, but a little zapped

Body, gradually falling apart,

But still holding a strong heart.

Body not tired but a little lazy

Thoughts a little weird, sight! a little hazy

Corpse same as decades before

Now no gossips, rest! required a little more.

Gallant! is the experience of years

Don’t feel pity, don’t shed tears!

Doesn’t need any sympathy

And no one to feel pity!

Not a sack on the shelf,

Yes, the need is a little help!

One can still be like a hydrant

And the soul, still can be aspirant!

The attitude is all that matters

Accepting every shift, as there are no alters!

Aging is a high price to pay for maturity

Every living to accept,as this is Nature’s creativity…….

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