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Rama Rajguru



Rama Rajguru


He Loves Me

He Loves Me

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You walk in the room and say that you love me.

You don't hate me when I say ...... nothing.

It is getting kind of blurry, 

The space that we share.

You come closer, I get a step ahead,

"I'm sorry". I say and I fall on my knees.

But you hold me and tell me, that 

You love me.

I know you have had it with me.

You're done, you are broken.

But I'm sorry honey, I'm trying a little harder, every-day.

You say you love me,

Now I think,

I love you too.

You make coffee, we blend smiles.

You talk to me, and I am wise.

You are no coward, and that's what brought me forward.

I see that you are proud of me.

You've certainly may be forgiven me.

But you say, ' I did no wrong.

That I have always been strong,

Just hadn't realised it all along.

Honey, I have always loved you till now.'

You now come closer,

I look into your eyes,

I am a little bolder.

You hold my shoulders,

And then hug me tighter.

I feel safe, just like my home.

You kiss my forehead,

And we promise a forever ahead.

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