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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Bijay Ghosh



Bijay Ghosh


I Was Wrong

I Was Wrong

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I was wrong

When we were together ,we owned each other's hearts ,

But your heart was brokened by me into tiny pieces ,

I thought I hold them strong

But no I was wrong.

 I was thinking that I cared for u , 

I loved u from the bottom of my heart making our bonding more strong,

But no I was wrong.

But actually I was hurting you each and every time,

Intensionally or unintentionally committed a crime,

Made you going through the phases you had never witnessed in your life,

Made your life hell and gifted you hard pain to survive.

I thought I was there when ever you needed, supported you and made you laugh ,

But all the above were my own thoughts , which I believed to be truly strong, on contrary I hurted you always , blamed you always , act as a temporary guy, which shows I was wrong.

I never understood your feelings, 

Even after so many days I was unable to read your mind ,

I don't know anything about you , I never made any efforts for your sake,

You know why because my love was fake :-)

You made a best decision of not being with me anymore,

Your decision to move on is the stepping stone towards your goals,

Thanks for your so much love and care but it's your bad luck as mine was fake.

One good thing I can do is saying sorry for hurting you and wishing you all the luck for a happy life and wishing you a happy move on.

Be happy and always cheering.

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