The First Rain

The First Rain

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One day, when i was walking under the sunlight,

Everything seemed to be really bright.

But suddenly there came a shade,

And I could see the light fade.

I looked up to the vast sky,

And could see the clouds fly.

Then came a massive Thunder,

'What has happened?', it made me wonder.

Suddenly I felt something on my hand,

Like someone had spelled a magic with a wand.

I found that it was a tiny drop,

Soon many others met the ground with a pop!

Some children came out to have fun

While I saw the others run.

Then I saw the seven bright colors glow,

Undoubtedly it was the rainbow.

It just took a few seconds and the drops got bigger,

Like someone had pushed a trigger.

All the birds hurried to their nest,

While the puppies played in zest.

Down the lane and by the window pane,

All I could see was just rain.

It was the time when all my pain went into vain

All I could see was just Rain Rain and Rain.

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