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Uncomprehending Myth

Uncomprehending Myth

2 mins

Though widely held a false belief is Myth

Majority people are largely imbecile, not able to judge its intriguing trick

Myth is a product of limited people's jive

Majority unable fathom its inherent jibe

Thus, the minority always emerged emphatically and triumph

Mother Earth's inbuilt sync only enable to express their superiority and revamp

Alas! The majority are hoodwinked by her camouflaging design

Where the majority are forced to subdue and align!

Market and commodity are an intriguing manifestation

Being exchanged with currency is truly having no legitimate reciprocation

Yet to satiate majority's need

A market exists with its theory of expansion and greed in candid

Where we all are subjected to its bait

Mundane equation of wealth only eclipsed us to deviate!

Surely it possesses a positively charged ion

To make a complex configuration which changed in anon

Continuously it changes with myriad hue

We only helplessly follow as if we are an indispensable glue

Thus, we construe a milieu of our own

Where we script our obituary with none to soothe our soul

We alone indulge in our reverie

Paving the way for the majority to obliterate in an unprecedented catastrophe

Nobody knows when the majority will end

How the majority's journey will conclude for the only minority to reign!

I wonder the mass and its nomenclature

How matter can be distinguished by its attitude and flair

If matter possess an inertia

How energy transform its propensity to change into a mere insignia

How it eventually possesses the capacity to travel in a vacuum

How it continuously travails

To unleash a new dispensation to marvel

How a sensible balance could be consciously ensured

Where symphony only reverberate in galore

We human-only possess cerebral

To think and do benevolence for the majority to ensure peace in vocal!

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