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Prachi Srivastava



Prachi Srivastava


Feeling Liberated!

Feeling Liberated!

2 mins

Feeling liberated...from the old and the outdated,

Feeling liberated...from your shackles that were so over rated;

I know it might have been the mental game ...

But I still wonder why you were so lame!

I used to enjoy your stares...

I used to feel that this time life would be fair.

I felt that you genuinely had something for me;

Huh! Little did you know that I’ve long moved out of my teen.

That connection appeared so pure,

It seemed to me like forevermore.

And then I came across the harsh truth;

But I was still blinded by the dark soot.

You on your side didn't stop;

You were trying for every possible spot.

Again, my feelings were heightened to the top,

But this time I realized that you were an empty pot.

There was nothing special about you;

It was probably the beauty that my eyes behold.

There was just a fatal attraction between us two,

And I realized it when I decided to move out and be bold.

I wish you never break a heart again,

I wish you realize that true love isn't a game.

Finally, my heart doesn't skip a beat hearing your name,

Finally, I’ve got back my emotional freedom and I'm no longer going insane!

Finally, a request to be loyal and faithful to her,

Don't ever look in my eyes as you were;

Your tactics won't work on me anymore.

Because I’ve tasted the essence of being away from you... Released the burden and found a me which is so new!

Breaks are always nice...and it took me a while to realize,

I finally know what I don't want now!

I finally know that there's not always an answer to every how...

Your presence won't any longer affect me...

Because the soot is finally washed away, and I can see the reality.

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