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Prachi Srivastava

Children Classics


Prachi Srivastava

Children Classics

December Feels...

December Feels...

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Finally, it's that time of the year again,

Which slowly and gently removes every pain;

This time brings with it nostalgia and joy...

Yes, I'm talking about December's ahoy!!

Bright sunny morning or cold hazy day,

It teaches us so much about life's way!

Being the last month of the year, we try to live it to the fullest,

Gauging the lessons of the gone by months...

and promising not to carry the junks.

December is the calming melody of the carols and Christmas bells;

It is the time for jolly Santa's magic spells,

It is the sweetness of the apple pie and the plum cake;

It is about the small joys and the happiness that fills up life's lake.

December has its own charm and gaiety,

Even the falling leaves fall with beauty;

Even the freezing temperatures keep our hearts warm,

Because everyone knows that it's towards a new beginning that we are drawn!!

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