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Prachi Srivastava

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Prachi Srivastava

Comedy Drama Others

You Made It Memorable!!

You Made It Memorable!!

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I've got a friend I always wanted,

I've got a friend who helped me escape the haunted;

I've got a friend with whom I can spend hours on the table...

I've got a friend who made it memorable.

We enjoy chats and silences,

We get agitated over the auditorium's stampede and violences;

We doze off during boring lectures...

That is because our dislikes hold the same texture!

I know it took us long to find each other,

But I'm glad we finally made it;

Meeting you is truly a blessing in disguise...

Because you've genuinely made the last year of my college life so nice.

Though we still have a long list to make this year pleasurable,

I know the plans are indomitable.

Everyday spent with you brings happiness and laughter, that's inestimable...

Because you are the one who made it truly memorable.

Thanking you won't be enough,

You've led me out through the rough.

Life is not as tough as it may seem...

Because you were there by all the means.

I promise you too have got my back,

I promise I'll never lack at that.

I promise to bring bright after every black;

I promise we'll be together like inseparable cards pack!

Thanks for being the way you are!

Thanks for being that shining star!

Thanks for making everything bearable;

Because without you it wouldn't have been memorable.

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