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Navashree Nandini



Navashree Nandini


Silence In Matrimony

Silence In Matrimony

3 mins

Today, I will speak

I will speak because

I kept silent till now.

I lost my honor 


my pride 

And I kept Silent.

For the sake of 

your honour 


your pride

But today, I will speak 

Because i realize 

that all i lost was 

my honour 

my pride 

my respect 

my identity !

That day :

That day you came to my life like a soothing bright morning 

And I like the cold breeze embraced you tightly 

Because I felt my essence in you. 

And you like the aesthetic rainbow of seven mesmerizing colors ,

Bestowed your colors in the clouds of my life 

And glittered my life with the bond of matrimony.

Soon ,

Like the disheartening clouds 


fades the sun 

hides the rainbow

And makes it all dark.

You, you showered your darkness upon me

You gagged me , 

ragged me of my tenderness

Even thrashed me 

to satisfy your fury

And I , 

I bagged with no emotions 

Stood there, silent !

Because all I was taught



Has the symphony 

within it for a life called 

" happily ever after" !

In that quest,

Like the moon 

which keeps losing its shine 

every morning,

I kept allowing you to snatch me 

of my shine 

my dignity 

my esteem

my integrity 

my virtues

I kept allowing you 

to rob me 

from me.

And You ,

You like that burning sun of hot summer days,

Kept burning my soul,

Becoming the master of my body 

The sole possessor of me.


you bestowed your wrath,

your rage

your fury

Ruthlessly upon me.

Seeking your pleasure,

your wants 

your desires 

You robbed me.

And I kept silent.

Because I was taught that matrimony

Has the symphony within it for a life "happily ever after"

Eventually ! 

Like the clouds fed up of the darkness breaks down to rain.

I broke.

I seek shelter in the arms of law.

The law blamed me 

cursed me 

preached me 

demeaned me.

It sermonized me to perform my duty.

I was partially dead by now

I asked - "Where should I go"?

Law said - "No not here"

"Am I not a person to have the basic rights - Right to live, right on my own body?

You , 

You the sole possessor of me

I ask who made you so?

And you said "matrimony"


That has a symphony within it to be " slave ever after"

So today,

Today like that thunderstorm tearing the sky apart,

My voice shall tear apart the norms and values of the mass,

For today I will speak

I will speak

Because till now



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