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Charvi Tyagi

Comedy Classics Children


Charvi Tyagi

Comedy Classics Children

Date with the Dead

Date with the Dead

2 mins 200 2 mins 200

I'll absolutely join you my love, spoke out my inner voice

I chose a ghost as my date, though I had many choices

We met on tinder, it was a cool black day

It was love at first sight, I must say

He was looking killer in his profile,

 Though I have to mention

The thing that took me away was his smile 

Will I match to his caliber ?, I was in tension

We started chatting, his love messages took my heart away

Please God, he should only be mine, I prayed

Finally the time came when he asked me out 

His heart was sweet and pure, there wasn't a doubt

And Oh.. So handsome words were pouring outta my mouth

And I said "not without a selfie", he sent me one with a pout 

Now I'm gettin ready for our date, 

And it's already too late 

I want our ones to be perfect 

But love has its own side effects

"peeeepooooo" came a sound out of the glass ,he was waiting in the car

Elegancy was surfing through his three piece suit, he was lookin fire

Lookin at his hairstyle I could tell he was everyone's desire

I hurried downstairs and opened the door

Black goggles, velvet shoes and deadly smile, he was standing on the floor

I felt like fainting, but time is so precious

In the restaurant we were heading to, the food was delicious

Hurry up darlo, his tone was as soft as his heart 

We'll be spending time with each other

This was the best part

The restaurant was black in color, decorated with white fairy lights 

This was the best in town, it had achieved great heights

The inside view was splendid, the colors were blended 

A bulb light up in a skeleton's skull, the bats formed a table

The waiter came to take our order

With VAMIRE written on its label

We ate demonic daliya and drank monster mocking juice 

Our stomachs grew two centimeters longer

Time came in for some romance 

He decided to do some dance 

I suggested to mark our love with a kiss

Which I said I'm sure he was never gonna miss

Faces drew closer but the kiss didn't take place 

I was awaken up with a splash of water on my face 

Get up you rascal, scolded my mother,

 How could I express my dream

Where the things were moving on further 

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