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Charvi Tyagi

Drama Horror


Charvi Tyagi

Drama Horror

A Death Dream

A Death Dream

2 mins 185 2 mins 185

"Please don't kill me" I requested 

On that dark black night 

The ghost got me arrested 

He wasn't as lenient as I'd expected 

He was in an angry mood and 

Looked frustrated.

The life was threatening to become my end 

The ghost rejected my plea to be a friend 

He had big sharp claws 

And was far away from laws 

He wore a long black coat 

Brought a sharp knife to cut my throat 

He wanted to kill me to get some powers 

And was a tall lean figure standing on the tower

He jumped high with swift and a twist 

Brought the weapon close enough but

O there was a glitch 

I got up in the morning

Sweat flowing down my face 

Scared, I cried shrilly

Family predicted that I've had some chilly 

And I was declared the silliest of the silly

"that was a coincidence dear" 

Consoled my mommy 

"don't be afraid and play with this teddy" 

Her voice was relaxing and soothing, she gave me a hug 

I felt I was restored to life ,

 Cuz in the dream it appear blurred

Once again the illumination was lost 

As it was time for the return of ghost

The clock was repeating the sound of tik.tok

Listening to the utter silence of the room

My heart went block

I fell back asleep 

But never imagined it to be the last one 

Cuz afresh entered the B graded villain

This time in a more darker heaven 

He stabbed me then, he stabbed me now 

And his skills were absolutely wow

Life is beautiful the thought struck ma mind 

But strange deaths are more delighting 

Till today, was I blind?

When my family was mourning for long 

My mother repeated "she was so strong"

But who can tell them that deaths are not weird 

For life gives you one chance to save yourself 

And so be prepared 

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