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Shashanka Bhat

Abstract Drama


Shashanka Bhat

Abstract Drama

Start Over

Start Over

2 mins

A billion things I've done in my life, always in my own way,

A million things I regret, and with my time, I'll repay, 

But just hear me out on what I say,

Because an insight into me, you'll see if you stay,

I wake up everyday just to fear things going wrong,

I fear that for the things that come at me, I may not be strong,

And this feeling in me, can't be cured by any song,

I thought it'd be fine, don't know why it's taking so long,

If you're a part of my day and I wanna tell you something,

To choose my own words, I'd be terribly fumbling,

I get anxious of hurting people, but I hear you mumbling,

Your curses at me, I know for that I'm disgruntling,

I know I may hurt you in the process, of doing all this,

I know I've changed, the old me, I miss,

I miss the brave smile he had even during his,

Hardest times, he'd come back and lay it out in a diss,

But I'm very afraid of telling people things, so my diary,

Takes all the sadness that's cold, and the rage that's fiery,

But if I tell you things, you gotta know I trust you entirely,

But if I give you my everything, which only one gets, you gotta know you're my finery,

Maybe I took many wrong steps, even luck wasn't a four leaf clover,

I always expect things to stay low and not go lower,

Well, they do, but if I had the option to restart, I'd take things slower,

Wish I could get another chance at all of this, wish I could start over.

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