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Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Shashanka Bhat

Abstract Tragedy


Shashanka Bhat

Abstract Tragedy

No Feelings

No Feelings

2 mins

Always misunderstood,

Don't know what I should

Do and not do, tryna burn some wood,

But even that doesn't make me warm, it just cooks my food,

No hard feelings, or to put it in a better way,

No real feelings at all, feels like it'll all end in a day,

But feels like it's been going on forever, don't know how much I can take,

Till the ice gets too thin, I'm bound to plunge and break,

I have too much at stake,

Isn't all this too much to be a fake?

Try to understand me, for god's sake,

My life's no little piece of cake,

Clipping my wings, it stings so bad,

This caged bird sings, with rings around its neck, so mad,

Illegal to cry, illegal to die, illegal to lie, that I'm just a little sad,

Saying the truth suffocates them, lying is hiding, enough even I've had,

I try to smile through it all, even then, they try to make me stall,

I guess they just want me to spiral down and fall,

It's time I say I've had enough, god, please just pick the call,

I'm tryna breathe, the blood within me seethes, I'm tired trying to stand tall,

"You're trying to gather attention",

Oh yeah, sure, no need to even mention,

"You're manipulative and gaslighting",

I'm just communicative and inside, dying,

I pay attention to every detail existent,

I give my best to everyone, each minute spent,

Because I want it to, people feel unlike me so even I relent,

When I don't have to, I go to my little diary to vent. 

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