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What Future Holds...

What Future Holds...

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A just-now mother with a brand new baby.

A peerless product as anybody can’t but agree.

Ohh! She is starry-eyed at her squirming infant in her lap.

Tired but elated, she starts a minute test on the baby,

She checks the baby’s toes, fingers, eyes, and ears.

How perfect my baby is, nobody is any happier!

Her soul soaring, she is in the seventh heaven!

She is euphoric; she is gleaming with pride; 

Why not? Anybody, to contend the beauty of her baby?

Everything about the baby seems to bring a smile, silky-soft.

Right now the yawning baby and his awe-struck father!

The world is like sweet ambrosia, to sip it, to savor it.

Until later, much later, it will be the obvious future;

When it confirms which door the baby opens!

Oblivious of the future, she glows in her new status!

But life has yet to prepare her for a bitter-sweet future,

As she awakens from her most joyous, top-notch achievement 

Forcing her to face many hardships of bringing up the baby.

There is more to the infant than its mere looks, she senses.

The baby and she have a rocky, murky road ahead

Her baby may sink or swim in the sea of life.

While she goes through motherhood, one hurdle at a time.

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