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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".



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 A tempest in his serene life,

A tornado he had no control to calm.

A painful ulcer in his heart slowly bleeding,

On which no doctor in the world could operate!

Years spent like a blink of an eye.

That time was too heavenly to stay longer.

His wife, the center of his soul was at the realm;

He had none in his life to be comparable to his wife!

Their life was as smooth as anything;

 Tomorrow will be as rosy as the day spent.

And their future is a guaranteed piece of cake!

 With that assurance, they took their life for granted!

Suddenly there was no light in their life.

Her eyes no longer shone when she saw him

Stance stiff, mind far away, she looked at nothing;

With searching, darting glances all around the house.

Yet, he was grateful to God for one thing.

He was glad for what he had, not what he lost.

For his dear one recognized none but her beloved;

She had contracted all too cruel Alzheimer’s disease.

His love for his wife never once wavered

Never got tired of hearing her call out to him, 

He bathed her, fed her and cooed and sang to her.

Felt gratified that she forgot every one but her man!

But his cup of grief was not yet full, 

Waiting, biding its time to jolt him, again!

 Dark clouds hanging low, forewarning his fate.

When he greeted her in the morning with breakfast.

Her Eyes frightened, enlarged in torment,

She uttered, above a mere whisper, whimpering,

“Who are you?”

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