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Charvi Tyagi

Drama Horror


Charvi Tyagi

Drama Horror

When I met HER

When I met HER

1 min 229 1 min 229

There was a knock at the door

But there was no one before

I tried calling out the person 

But what I saw was dreadsome

She was standing with 

Long hairs in front of her face 

Big sharp nails, 

She had a scary trace

Her long white gown symbolizing death

It was dangerous enough to take away someone's breath 

I decided to run away before she catches me

But she was resisting my locomotion and didn't allow me to flee

She rose in the dark high sky

And wind whispered by

Go away go away...... 

But that was too late 

As she jumped upon and had already 

Taken a taste of my blood today... 

I'm roaming around streets 

Searching for people 

And when someone meets me 

Become more and more weaker 

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