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The Knock
© Venkatesh R

Children Stories Horror

This is a scary poem which shows a silent night with the wolf howling and the child read more

1     274    32    6190

A Night On The Swing...
© vidhi sanghvi

Children Stories Horror

A little talk about ghosts Was giving me chills. Suddenly the lights went read more

1     192    0    7304

Rape is henious, gross and sinister. Are you a mute observer of the read more

2     25.1K    214    6

With his power unknown Hiding was a vampire in read more

4     12.7K    91    28

Life after death, Could it be true? Not in my wildest dreams, Till I felt the cold read more

1     441    56    89

This Lady
© Ishita Chauhan

Horror Thriller

She was beautiful, the corset and gown bringing out her heavenly body read more

3     20.6K    9    546

A place of horror, It is filled with read more

1     7.4K    30    932

Pangs of guilt or drops of read more

1     170    11    1172

© Ashna Nain

Horror Tragedy

Life was joyful and often tough But she dazzled like sunshine, yet happy and read more

4     20.2K    7    1274

The poem shows the dream in read more

3     27    1    1474

Someone Special
© Venkatesh R

Horror Thriller

People from all age group, a busy place indeed, They saw love in each other’s read more

1     304    17    1614

© Tribhu Nath Dubey

Horror Fantasy

The poem shows a lost person in a narrow read more

1     41    1    2194

She moved closer towards me My heart skipped a beat Flung my hand into the read more

1     152    22    2347

"They bought a house to stay together, To enjoy their company alone, But never did read more

2     14.0K    8    2605

The demons arose Heaven was tempted, It was the part of men Where fear was read more

1     6.7K    33    459

This poem is about two friends seeing a man who disappeared and then meeting with an read more

2     211    7    3479

Your heart simply stops pumping, Then you run out of breath. No spirits nor read more

1     35    3    3501

The wailing
© Saathi at desk

Horror Others +1

Written during a moment of extreme fear, though unreasonable and meaningless; a fear read more

1     7.2K    11    3698

I couldn't let go of her face.. She was there, her cold hands read more

1     7.3K    9    3927

Cursed Child
© Rashmita Sahu

Horror Tragedy

Rape, it’s horrific and read more

1     219    5    4538

I almost walked a mile on the unkempt village path With Ted who had a lump in his read more

2     70    2    4553

"There was a boy and a father, Living in a domicile of skillion roof, A few utensils read more

3     6.6K    7    4672

Blushes bloody blood, Gushes from the mouth Glitters from the top, As it hitches read more

1     6.8K    6    5026

I belong to no nation Nor to any religion Not even to any category of read more

1     8    1    5317

© Chan CarTee

Horror Tragedy

"Today, when I walk down in the shabby streets, I look back and witnessed a most read more

1     6.8K    8    5538

Eventually, the time has come for your status to grow.... Raise your hands towards read more

1     69    5    2169

A ghost that doesn't know he's dead haunting a similarly pale girl. Them haunting read more

1     2    0    6141

"Every night I hear noises, buffering my sleep and asking me to feed them with all read more

1     6.8K    4    6424

Sometimes the dark night seems darker, the objects speak of a devilish plot, read more

1     14.3K    3    6799

Paranormality is a game of spirits, Shadows play tricks on read more

1     2    0    7304