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Rape is henious, gross and sinister. Are you a mute observer of the read more

2     25.4K    218    8

With his power unknown Hiding was a vampire in read more

4     12.9K    92    25

The poem describes a haunted read more

1     584    51    106

Life after death, Could it be true? Not in my wildest dreams, Till I felt the cold read more

1     516    57    138

© Kaartika Chitturi

Horror Drama +1

And when it finally finds me it will come for me. My urge to take flight, Or to read more

2     271    48    255

Gnawed by blizzards, The couple, being newly married, Looked for serene read more

1     305    47    256

The demons arose Heaven was tempted, It was the part of men Where fear was read more

1     6.8K    34    561

This Lady
© Ishita Chauhan

Horror Thriller

She was beautiful, the corset and gown bringing out her heavenly body read more

3     20.6K    10    730

Days passed not her persist visit. Not sure why she was behind me with a read more

1     416    25    1058

The poem describes the night on the horror read more

3     17    2    1169

When Will You Come?
© Tia Wins

Drama Horror +1

And every time my eyes keep searching for you, And every time my heart keeps read more

1     352    50    1263

A place of horror, It is filled with read more

1     7.4K    30    1285

© Ashna Nain

Horror Tragedy

Life was joyful and often tough But she dazzled like sunshine, yet happy and read more

4     20.2K    8    1324

Pangs of guilt or drops of read more

1     170    11    1656

Evil Busters
© Venkatesh R

Abstract Drama +1

They preferred to be evil busters by capturing the negative vibe and purifying read more

1     399    42    1727

I Saw A Ghost
© Shreya Chhabra

Fantasy Horror +1

I saw a ghost in my dream, I began to shout and I began to scream. The ghost was read more

1     7.7K    28    2020

The poem shows the dream in read more

3     50    1    2136

Eventually, the time has come for your status to grow.... Raise your hands towards read more

1     132    7    2223

I Dwell In The Past
© Ritika Mishra

Abstract Horror +1

I dwell in the past. As I stare into nothingness From beneath my shut read more

1     163    5    2238

Dark Night
© Prasanna Kkumar

Horror Drama +1

Electricity tripped out Looming silence was read more

1     211    43    2423

Someone Special
© Venkatesh R

Horror Thriller

People from all age group, a busy place indeed, They saw love in each other’s read more

1     338    18    2959

Her long black hairs almost touched the floor, And her milky white eyes stared read more

1     219    12    2984

Every one has their own story, even the broken tree house! Experience the erriness read more

1     388    7    3008

Let me go
© Saathi at desk

Abstract Horror +1

Its a girl addressing someone who had gifted her read more

1     13.7K    9    3106

© Tribhu Nath Dubey

Horror Fantasy

The poem shows a lost person in a narrow read more

1     83    1    3256

When Horror knocks on the door, Slips through the cracks and enters the mind, read more

1     175    50    3412

Breaking The Curse
© Aastha Chawla

Abstract Fantasy +1

From a space high above it dawned upon read more

1     14.1K    8    3505

Death By Cancer
© Saathi at desk

Abstract Horror +1

Those moments in the mind of a person nearing death. Tried to depict a sinking mind, read more

1     13.3K    11    3847

"They bought a house to stay together, To enjoy their company alone, But never did read more

2     14.0K    8    3863

This is a scary poem and describes the read more

1     95    4    3891