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Happy Birthday
© anaika pathak

Children Stories Comedy +1

Do you know who stood by me during my tough times? Its read more

1     47    0    7580

Once in my room, I found a box made of gold, I wondered- what did it read more

1     6    0    4737

Beauty And The Beast
© Deepti Kolte

Children Stories Comedy

The Chimpanzee is waiting for a love read more

1     41    3    4794

Fun in the pool
© denzil vonlintzgy

Children Stories Comedy +1

One morning we went to see some fin, The three of us were close as read more

1     6    0    6176

My Best Homework Excuses
© Ishwara Dani

Children Stories Comedy

Now I hope that my teacher understands why I simply cannot do my homework And if read more

1     22    0    4506

Oh! My Bald Head...
© denzil vonlintzgy

Children Stories Comedy

Now there's a jam in front of my door, My hair is so long that it reaches the read more

1     193    0    7336

A comical rendering of an fancy-sounding order placed in a restaurant; like a spoof read more

1     22.0K    192    3

The waiter stood perplexed, "Idli" is the rice cake you read more

1     321    55    605

An old lady who put socks into her tea, a miserly millionaire whose money was read more

2     8.5K    7    741

Remember good readers, my words are no fiction , Beware of Toadies, and bottles read more

2     307    38    856

Where went the read more

1     781    22    1005

A Dream
© Dhruvi Mehta

Comedy Drama +1

Won't say anything until ya' read it read more

1     741    39    1081

Life Of A Coder
© Venkatesh R

Comedy Tragedy

With patterns to make the creation stronger, Delivery gets read more

1     271    27    1311

As I walked passed my sons’ room, I thought I heard a loud boom! Oh! My God what read more

1     6.3K    9    1639

Don't get traumatized, this is still heaven, Since not able to find other job is read more

1     13.8K    9    1947

Temptation Cup
© Venkatesh R

Comedy Fantasy

Angel vs Demons a tournament for deciding Humanity. Who wins the cup with humanity read more

2     49    2    2176

I used to work on Satire, It changed my read more

1     2.7K    6    2439

A tongue-in-cheek look our obsession with and dependence on read more

1     13.9K    8    2608

I am a Pimple, bumpy and red, Oh! You can spot me by my bulging read more

1     13.7K    7    2615

But I am the biggest finger, Unscatched, Unfathomable, With hopes bright read more

1     10    0    2656

The Morning Song
© Pratishtha Bhardwaj

Comedy Inspirational +1

Real women wake up and throw curses at another read more

1     13.7K    7    2896

For some relationship is a string to a rich man’s purse; And the 'empowered' ones read more

1     13.1K    7    2897

When they call me a tricker, They forget only their blood in my veins read more

1     340    8    3006

Attempted Murder
© Venkatesh R

Comedy Crime +1

Security gets strengthened, and the victim gets delivered for the big read more

1     153    29    3055

To begin with HISTORY that remains a read more

1     13.7K    5    3145

Without her I can't imagine my life. Here's the tale of my harum - scarum read more

1     16    2    3165

I spiced it all up. Squeezed a small lemon. Delighted for my victory. I read more

1     27    0    3175

Denim shorts and goggles are not complementing my looks sun-kissed face is pale read more

1     7.2K    12    3203

Unspoken Truth
© Venkatesh R

Comedy Romance

They were made for each other It all started as a friendship, and ended in read more

1     368    28    3288

Hi, I am a narcissistically honest writer. Leaves, birds, moon, and stars will be read more

1     20.1K    5    3356