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Dear Diary,

(I apologize that I broke my affirmation today: to provide you with a fine report. As compensation to loss, I am honoring my dexterity in poetry to you today, please accept without any remonstrance:)

A very brief and extensive period of time was not nurtured by 

Its presence and it was due to reasons unconveyed. Tears,

Whom I call ‘wanderers’ now, came today to question me- to 

That person whom they find idiosyncratic; after these years.

The futility of any object only forces us to give way to them so, a 

Little space for ourselves is made: be it a house or your mind.

‘Heart’ I guess, is such a capacious chamber that it may echo

Upon leaving it in absolute voidness which is very difficult to find.

Being a fastidious person in some sectors- I like to arrange

Those particular things in the most presentable segregation.

The enigma of true place occurs only in oddity and a variety of

Aspects otherwise- the wrong place leads to its disintegration.

It is coherent that I should not keep the things I love in my 

A wardrobe of 'Mind' because it will certainly prove disastrous.

Vice versa is also true. It is disturbing to me when messengers

Of ‘Heart’ and ‘Mind’ comes on the face; it is never ostentatious!

Those ‘wanderers’ were pleading for refuge to me as in their

The perception I was a very avuncular one. In previous times when

I was a little boy who was not whimsical but still “little,” these

Pleaders were given refuge in the ‘Heart.’ Maybe “little” as ten.

Being wanderers- they had those specific skills in fine ballads: 

Presented to the public through my whining and that illusory

Paradoxical breathing. It was a very nice show; catching the 

The attention of the exploitative earned a reward to go back freely.

Contrary to all locations and situation- I gave those ‘wanderers’

Refuge in the ‘Mind’ to succumb to death but, I saw them go

Still! Barricades and oppressions and pressures were heavily

Guarding the path to eyes to stop this caravan’s strong flow!!!

Dedication up to this level was never espied by me. There was

Only one reason to stop them: it shows the incompetence of your

Capabilities towards life that you begin to cry at instances. How

Dull it looks when a person cries but; I know it relaxes the core.

Giving them refuge in ‘Mind’ was because to let it remain under

My supreme control. However, this time, I willingly opened the gate

Of moving out to the path of the eye. Now, they will go out when I 

Tell: as to lose me with ‘wanderers’ on an armless frigate.

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