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Dear hope, no, just wait, don't be gone yet.

This life has yet to suffice, my dreams can't die just yet.

My childhood was a selfish snare,

It left without promises, it left me bare,

How do you live with a fog so thick?

How do you make sense of fakism so slick?

Inconsideration and hatred now bar my reign,

The heart once in love now is in chains,

The innocence fights for some air to breathe,

But this poison is now creeping up my veins.

A life full of promises is now fading by,

The fairy tales I once read now make me sigh,

The fiction within me fights reality's lie,

The soul now seeks distraction, a new high.

Hope, just wait a while, like I told death to do,

Wait a while, there's no one to hold on to but you,

Hold on, till we greet death with a smile,

For only then I would know, I have truly walked a mile.

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