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Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

The Reverie of Irreverence

The Reverie of Irreverence

2 mins

The starry light lighting up

A truss in the crane, 

Is all I can see through the grill

Outside the window,

Gazing hard at which

I think no thought

And at that fraction,

I think of you.

Those earnest bespectacled eyes.

In the silence

Of the songs that play

Right in my ears,

I stare at the table

Straight far down,

And glance back at my books

Only to see words, 

Words I know

That suddenly seem strange

The way they have been


I remember telling you both 

How I can study with music

In my ears.

But I can't.

In fact, not until I forget

There is something playing.

Haven't told you this, either.

How I experience an escape

In the beats that play on


Unafraid, lurking in the centre of my ear.

A loss of the burden

Wrapping around everything 

That I have to study now.

A solace,

That carries away the disgust

That creeps in,

No matter how much I forbid it.

There are moments 

I have had with each song.

Moments that rally a wave of

Emotions I could never have

Anyone ever understand.

You warn me of long-term deafness,

But the promise of an eternal

Music in my mind

Deters me from


But some days I put away

Those headphones

And stay

With an unsettling feeling -

Incomplete, unexpressed, and undone.

Love that knew no fear 

Struggles today in an unfamiliar hand

That strikes

The chord of authority.

A baritone I once adored,

Today sinks in phone calls

I rush through with a 'take care'

That I wonder if I mean.

And the first voice I hear

Is silenced in rebukes I wish

I could bite my tongue

From uttering.

Love is not scanty

From you

Or me...

But only a lack of patience,

To try and see.

An apology may heal,

But time will undoubtedly reveal

A respite that we shall reach.

An answer that we seek...

As a family! 

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