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Thiru C J (Dazzle)



Thiru C J (Dazzle)


An Awesome Two

An Awesome Two

1 min

Those magical days, 

Your lullabies alleviated my anxiety, 

Your tranquilizing rhymes pacified my inarticulate screams, 

Those reminiscences, 

Making me ravishing! 

Born and fostered together, through sands of time, 

No pillow fights, no compromises, 

No silly encounters, no bullying, 

Those common cliches never belonged to us, 

Cascade of tempers and annoyance at times,

Astounding secrets may lay hidden, 

More weird an equation to understand, 

Abounding bittersweet memoirs endured together, 

Cherishing simple moments of pride, 

Running effortlessly in my mind. 

Bountiful lessons learned, tears shed, 

New spices added in life, 

Time does change, 

Powerfully mature we transform, 

No tremendous saccharine gestures shared, 

Yet, the silence manifested exhibited all the love we had, 

Truly nostalgic! 

No special or grand occasions, 

No silken band tied, 

No signs of traditional forehead mark, 

Yet we share a sacred bonding, 

Rare is our bond, bonded with blood, 

A thread of love and protection prevails forever! 

Our care lay deep inside, may not be expressed, 

Ineffable is our bonding, special between siblings, 

Random radiance of bliss as my thoughts flow, 

A heart's commitment, that dwells forever, 

Indeed, we make awesome two! 

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