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The flame of justice, For Nirbhaya was burned, In the passage of read more

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Mom I Loved You
© Navjot Rai

Crime Tragedy

It's late as I can feel my Mommy crawling into bed. I wonder why she's crying, as I read more

3     1.7K    101    63

Who Am I
© Harsh Maurya

Crime Inspirational +1

Who am I - Someone trying to convey its life journey and what it means to be a ... read more

1     15.8K    142    84

© Albin Joy

Crime Tragedy

Gun was a toy, for this young teenage read more

1     519    70    96

Her only mistake was she was a girl, Who left her house in those sweet read more

2     282    41    121

The Eight Year Old
© Saloni Maliwal

Crime Inspirational

If you still preach, The drama of your religion, Then I don’t read more

1     396    89    149

They were tasting every bit of her read more

2     924    66    152

He had shoot her with his words, He tried cut her with his eyes, He tried take read more

2     461    21    302

Yeah, she was a victim of some men, the fear still persists, what if, this could read more

1     13.7K    92    309

A man was gawking at me, He had never-ending read more

1     283    46    798

We are ashamed as human read more

1     299    44    983

A diary, a narration, an introspection that speaks horror : Yes its the diary of a read more

2     315    30    1493

My Home
© Varshitha Peddada

Classics Crime +1

My home is torn, A broken place, To even call it a war read more

2     310    19    1553

It's just a Misty flower we know, why this insane arrogance of thirst on that Young read more

1     13.5K    44    1600

© Kajree Gautom

Tragedy Drama +1

You used to look at me like I was gold, Told me I was pretty. You used to read more

2     323    25    1646

© Sakshee Kale

Drama Crime

Taking one last glance at the living room, I finally decide to leave for read more

1     352    20    1656

M parents feel reckless and burn their eyes with continues crying My dear mother read more

3     280    6    1702

With a dearth of soul and an object to play, Her epidermis became their meal for the read more

2     13.6K    22    2109

Men, scavengers of female bodies, monsters having the desire of lust. Women read more

1     88    5    2134

One day my plan works. The man that I once loved is now read more

1     244    39    2172

© Prof. Ayaz Momin

Tragedy Drama +1

I see them in the shadows, They took their turns, No alternatives, I buried read more

1     309    32    2750

I rose my foot to step forward Though I know quitting life is a step of a read more

2     183    36    3147

Bestiality ... humanity raped .. abducted ... abused #Asifas ... #nirbhayas read more

1     8.0K    31    3168

Oh! I died! Died like Nirbhaya and Zainab. Was being a girl our fault? And there's read more

1     13.3K    20    3437

Lucid Dreams
© Alisha Lalwani

Crime Tragedy +1

consent is read more

3     13.8K    16    3452

Sucking out the life in me, They took it in read more

1     533    50    3703

© Vandana Singh

Crime Tragedy

He raped me once And they are raping me daily Was that my read more

1     13.5K    10    3773

Myth force to believe, 'GOD' is read more

1     13.6K    10    3775

The Widow
© Shayna Mistry

Drama Crime

As you head towards the door, They are blinded by your read more

1     398    19    3859

Eventually, the time has come for your status to grow.... Raise your hands towards read more

1     135    7    3910