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Midnight Mystry



Midnight Mystry


No Such Thing As Perfect Crime

No Such Thing As Perfect Crime

3 mins

“Ahh…” the screech was loud but soon suppressed

Unfortunately the only witnesses were table, lamp and chair

And that terrified scream was only heard by the wall

The justice was lying there dead only to be assaulted further in the court of law

Next morning there was yet another yelp

Entrant was puzzled as to who should be called for help.

Tripping multiple times he finally managed to reach the phone

Detective dubiously asked “While entering the house was he alone?”

Because finger-prints on the handle narrated completely different story

The truth would soon be unravelled, once the reports are out of laboratory.

But the results gave the tale disparate angle

Not one, not two, but three persons they entangled.

The deceased was later identified to be a famous actor

“Was money or personal rivalry the prime factor?”

There was also certain mystery around that naïve looking female

The detective explicitly remembered not three but four faces were pale.

There was something on which detective still couldn’t quite lay his finger!

Each person in that locality was unsafe as the shadow of that sinister night still lingered...

The investigation had now begun in full force

The detective was gathering information from each and every source.

Then the accused were called for inquiry one by one

Pleading guilty was done by none

“It was 2 am but the night was still young.”

One of the accused said “The party had just begun.”

Too drunk to handle himself the another accused went to puke

He said trembling with fear “There was already a dead body in the bedroom which I saw by fluke”

The third accused also gave the similar information

All that detective had gathered from this inquiry were head ache and frustration

It was a remote probability but he decided to take a chance

It was an ambiguous theory but detective decided on it to advance

Soon the ‘so-called ingenuous’ woman was called

Telling useless details she adroitly stalled

She was too cautious to be dense

As detective started firing questions at her she visibly became tense

As detective further increased his speed

The more aggressively she started to plead

Detective was now re-assured

Using his reliable bag of tactics he decided her to lure

The stage was set and dexterously a question he fired

Her answer made her a confirmed liar.

The detective said quickly “Ma’am we have found your finger-prints on the murder weapon in the room.”

To which she replied within a second “But I didn’t even touch that heir-loom.”

Now that the murderer was now exposed

The truth behind the killing was also disclosed

The philander had dumped her for some other beauty

She said with an evil smirk “To teach a lesson to that jerk was my duty.”

She had hit the actor with a metal flower-pot

She had worn gloves, there was no chance of her getting caught.

“Everything was perfect, I could have easily got away if it weren’t for you.”

She said being agitated “How to trap me in my own net, detective you knew!”

“Truth alone prevails!” said the detective triumphantly at that time.

“Indeed there is no such thing as a perfect crime”

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