Saloni Maliwal

Crime Tragedy


Saloni Maliwal

Crime Tragedy

The Night 16th December, 2012

The Night 16th December, 2012

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She promised to return,

But she did not.

All her mother knew was,

That she was going to return.

There was something,

About that cold night of December,

Without knowing that,

She was going to get lost forever.

They shred her body,

They feasted on her soul,

Pelted her in a moving bus,

Yet she tried to fight.

Little did she know that,

Her body was in pain,

And her eyes were closing in pain,

All she wished was to survive.

Her tears shed to the fullest,

Thinking why had she been so stupid.

Only using her name to burn,

The headlines of the news,

Then again, the flame disappeared in the dark.

The flame of justice,

For Nirbhaya was burned,

In the passage of time,

The flame of justice disappeared.

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