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Amina Ashraf



Amina Ashraf


Lost Senses

Lost Senses

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Can you listen?

The loud noise of the violence

Shreaking into your ears.

Have we become deaf.

Death of poverty is what we aim for,

but look where we have come to?

Death of humanity is near.

The little children working tirelessly

day and night calling for help,

Is bullet more important than bread?

Opulent people oblivious to the world,

Why do they prefer glasses to wear?

Womens getting raped every second,

How can it be still an obligation

for her to move in dark alone?

Shattered hopes and broken eyes,

Finding ways to go back home.

Under the same sky,

Black and white still get discriminated.

Is it this what we call

new education for?

Hatred rooted so deep,

Love has forgotten it's own root.

Leaders ruling with so much pride,

Morality has lost it's own vibe.

Small and big violence,

we debate so heartly upon.

Do we even remember the cause behind?

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