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Amina Ashraf



Amina Ashraf




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Hey There?

The virtual world is full of mystery to resolve,

Which contain pathways that lead to weird destination sometimes.

I replied hello there?

The first thing comes up in my mind.

Is he the same person?

Is he the one I know?

Is he faking it?

Or is he the real him?

The virtual world is like a maze to solve.

Unknown pathways and need a lot of trial and practice to solve.

The first attempt is always crazy.

The second thing comes up in my mind?

Oh, what he said?

Is he the real him?

Or he is hiding himself behind the virtual screen.

He is different here.

Welcome to the virtual world where pretending is living.

Is the emotions he show me everyday,

Is it actually real or just a mere way of seeking sympathies?

By the way yes the virtual world is a world full of broken people.

Why he is trying so hard making me believe into things?

 Perhaps virtual world is just a screen we play games upon.

The virtual world is a hollow world devoid of emotions.

Do we really know how it feels and the perks of being together?

The answer is No.

Everybody now is an introvert hiding themselves behind the screens,

Leaving myriad of questions for a stranger to resolve?

Mind it if you don't answer them well,

We will judge you.

Do we really share what we truly are?

Do we share what really makes us happy instead of what we share on social media.

The virtual world may be beautiful but is it really true or artificial?

The third question comes up in my mind.

Are we really into the person for the way they speak or the way they type?

Strange isn't it?

Are we really into the way they smile or it's just the emoticons devoid of emotions we crush upon.

Behind the screens,

Are we really genuine?

Like we are

Behind the curtains of our home.

Virtual world may be beautiful

But is it true?

Or just an illusion?

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