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Thrineshwara Mysore


I Don't Want To Be Reborn

I Don't Want To Be Reborn

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I want to fly over the beautiful terrains

Of the Himalayas, the Alps and the Andes

Like a bird that can fly across continents

And hence I want to be reborn as a Pelican;

I want to swim inside the deep waters

Of Pacific, Atlantic, Indian and Arctic

Like a fish that can pierce through any current

And hence I want to be reborn as a Shark;

I want to wander across and jump over the tall trees

Of Amazon, Daintree, Beech and Bandipur

Like a monkey that can swiftly climb and hop

And hence I want to be reborn as a lemur;

I want to wander across the golden sand dunes

Of the Saharas, Thar, Kalahari and Gobi

Like a quadruped that can stand on two legs

And hence I want to be reborn as a Meerkat;

I want to fly far and wide to suck the nectar

Of many beautiful flowers on natural landscapes

Like the bees that produce sweet honey and store

And hence I want to be reborn as a honey Bee;

I am aware of my ability with which I can do anything

Of my interest, necessity and amusement

But, I cannot avoid all that I touch getting destroyed

Since I continue to be detached from the Nature;

I want to survive, be secured and comfortable

At any cost and despite anybody’s loss or pain,

For, my basic necessities have no end to be met

And I have been the victim of my own greed and fear;

So, I want to be reborn never again as myself

As I have failed to find a fulfilment in life,

In spite of my great and unmatched abilities,

Which have been greatly abused and misused.

I may become conscious of my misdeeds sometimes

But I know it may be because my survival is threatened

And hence I may try to correct things now and then

But it is all futile due to the lack of Love and Compassion.

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