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Khat: Letter

Khat: Letter

2 mins

Some folded it thrice and used it as a coaster

Some threw it in the trash, unopened,

Some told their assistants to manage them,

Thinking it was another office mail,


Some burned it first and then burnt a cigarette

Some moved to another town and left it in the closet

Some kept it underneath their telephones

In case they had to take a message


Some were modest enough to shred it into pieces

Before letting the flames of the fire place consume it,

Some had buttery toast in the morning

And wiped their hands on it


Some left it in their pocket

And were punctual at laundry

Some were basketball lovers, they rolled it into a ball,

And threw it right into the trash can.


Some moved to a more lit room while reading it

But the words were blinding so the left midway,

Some were in denial that it was addressed to them,

They refused accept it when they saw it in the mail.


And I had questions, that I could never ask

For I was short of words to use

I had already used the ones I knew

In the letters they tore apart


And they never had any answers

They never thought they were answerable to me

For they cared for everything but my words

They didn't think I would ever ask.


But for the sake of ones that made it,

The ones that were blessed to be drenched in tears,

For the ones that now lie peacefully

Somewhere in the pages of a diary or best, pinned to a wall.


I tried to drown the entire sheet in ink

Before I drowned into the past

Tried to burn the paper away

Before the thought of posting it burned me down to ashes


And just like that

Putting a cork on my thoughts

I took a glass of wine and in a table lamp's light,

I wrote a letter, again .....


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