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Prashasti Shreshtha

Drama Romance


Prashasti Shreshtha

Drama Romance



2 mins

You, yes you

I am talking to you

The sane ones, the ones at the front

The ones who are appreciated by their boss, the promoted ones

The ones who have gotten an appraisal,

The ones with a stable life

The ones who do power yoga, and drink smoothies

And read the economic times, and board flights,

The ones with open relationships

Making me realise there is something like a closed relationship

I want to meet you, see you, touch you, hear you

I want to share coffee with you,

Maybe even drink from the same cup as yours

I want to brush your hair and feed your grapes

And I want to ask you –

Why, why is love so much like grabbing a fistful of sand,

The more you clutch at it the more you tighten your fist

The faster it slips away ?

Yet even when you make no effort

The gravel sticks to your nail bed making it practically impossible to do anything?

Why is love so unyielding, so tiring ?

And why, why is loving people like filled water bottle in a refrigerator

On a hot summer day?

You know you are going to need it,

you need it, you desperately need it

Yet when you need It the most, its not there

And you cant fill it, cause its not that simple.

Why is love so tiring, so desirable,

That you think you cant live without it

but sadly you continue to live without it?

Why gardeners give the best love advice -

“Don’t over water your plants, they are less likely to wither out and more likely to die of over watering

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