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Finding Heaven

Finding Heaven

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Finding Clues,

I went through that dusky lanes.

Which were covered with morning mist.

I tiptoed, not to make any noise.

And went with a throbbing heart to find,

to find her.

This lane made many memories to flood out in my eyes.

My childhood, my friends, my house.

Which has now turned into a dismal state.

With broken windows and wild flowers covering it wholly.

Almost making a scene of haunted house.

I, with terrible feeling got inside the house.

And tapped at the door.

From inside came a very old woman with all skin hanging.

And a small stick to support her.

She, when saw me hugged me with all her might.

My hands automaticallly moved towards her bended curves.

As I hugged her, I felt my tears automatically falling down streaming through my eyes and then landing on her back.

She freed me after about an hour.

Her tears,

Perhaps the tears of happiness flowed down her cheeks.

She was about to say something,

But unknowingly my crooked voice cutting her words uttered "MA".

She paused for a while.

And her eyes, again were filled with fresh tears.

She laid me through the roughly cleaned balcony to a room which has been tried very hard to keep it clean.

As she sat on the bed I laid my head in her lap.

Which was filled with the warmth of motherly love.

Which was much more comforting than the heaven's cool breeze.

Her magical hands barely let my eyes to be open for more than a second.

I hugged her tightly before going for a sleep and promised her that I will never betray her now.

At that promise, she just refilled her eyes with fresh tears.

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