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The Magician Butterfly
© Aditya Pundir

Children Inspirational +1

A story about the important role of bees and butterflies in the read more

5     16.9K    269    31

Reload 2.0
© Riti Aggarwal

Children Fantasy

My life’s been brilliant up till now. I’ve had a good upbringing, my parents read more

6     4.4K    342    32

This collection of English short stories by StoryMirror is a result of hard work, and determination of promising writers.

A story about life, death, emotions and the will to attain the most basic of read more

4     30.9K    308    33

A night spent rehashing the past, as we held onto our individual memories, our read more

11     116    3    34

“I guess we have to find a way to coexist,” she said to herself. Half of her lip, read more

9     700    90    35

The white kid was noticed to be wearing a small gown and had no hair on head or read more

6     19.9K    353    36

Zacharia went back to his seat with a contended smile on his face. I was afraid of read more

6     348    26    37

Quarter 4/F
© Asha Sougaijam

Abstract Drama +1

Love, sacrifice and trust are the strongest emotions for those who love  read more

8     24.6K    694    38

The Clown's Ghost
© Taniya Roy

Horror Thriller +1

“We are destined to meet.” The ominous sneer, the raised eyebrows, the read more

6     48.7K    245    39

Now you know, sometimes the way we look upon things; our perspectives may not be read more

18     4.1K    181    40

Adventures of a team who help a king find out who stole his golden apples from the read more

12     2.2K    156    41

The Missing Woman
© Jyoti Rai

Abstract Children +1

Marriage had come with its fair share of responsibilities and restrictions. She had read more

3     1.4K    86    42

© Muskan Aneja

Crime Drama +1

Somehow just looking into those dreamy eyes gave her the satisfaction that nothing read more

3     8.0K    524    43

They were stunned from what they saw...!! They broke down weeping and read more

7     2.5K    82    44

The story of a woman experiencing a relationship gone bad and the battles within. read more

19     25.2K    635    45

© Sam K

Classics Inspirational

Doug – "Your honour, I would like to start by asking, who is a VIP? A man in an read more

19     603    55    46

The concept of being a mom after taking so much pain is not digestible for me. But I read more

4     381    35    47

Princess Emma woke up to the sound of a gentle knock on her door the next read more

5     4.8K    194    48

Please vote me read more

10     4.6K    184    49

© Kavita Birjuka Sharma (KBS)

Inspirational Romance +1


30     919    62    50

a nice story depicting the struggles of a middle class read more

3     11.1K    549    51

I could have made some small talk with her like about her favorite author or read more

15     21.8K    229    52

This collection of English short stories by StoryMirror is a result of hard work, and determination of promising writers.

I was furious, yet inquisitive about this baffling girl who texted me mostly after I read more

14     18.3K    189    53

She had again had the same nightmare which had been haunting her since few years! read more

6     17.4K    174    54

Twisted Fates
© Ashwat Jain

Crime Drama +1

Irene woke with a start. She had just dreamt of....her read more

18     9.7K    129    55

Seasons changed. A letter from Mrs. Lee would arrive occasionally, bringing with it read more

9     1.5K    122    56

God's Own Child
© Vikram Singh

Children Inspirational

a touching tale narrated by a special child fighting autism but not losing read more

6     18.5K    314    57

When Billy screamed again, the German’s mouth opened up in a read more

12     17.7K    221    58

It was the 23rd of April, summer. It was like any other day, but, for me, it was read more

6     3.0K    170    59

I’m sure you think Rapunzel is the heroine and Mother Gothel is the villain of the read more

25     1.7K    167    60