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A story of attachment, bond and emotional ties, which often become the cause of our read more

12     19.8K    273    31

© Rajvi Vaghani

Fantasy Thriller

There was a knock on the door and an ardent voice that could only belong to Mr. read more

14     13.8K    219    32

Seasons changed. A letter from Mrs. Lee would arrive occasionally, bringing with it read more

9     1.6K    123    33

India's biggest ever writing challenge for all college students across streams and geographies.

Aabir left his home with the girl tied to his back, and a small bag of paints, food, read more

6     407    9    34

“A dream! Was it really just a dream? It could be” she thought “but how could it be? read more

11     18.5K    304    35

The Magician Butterfly
© Aditya Pundir

Children Inspirational +1

A story about the important role of bees and butterflies in the read more

5     17.0K    271    36

The Missing Woman
© Jyoti Rai

Abstract Children +1

Marriage had come with its fair share of responsibilities and restrictions. She had read more

3     1.6K    89    37

A Dark And Stormy Night...
© Aarohee Patel

Action Children Stories

Exams are over; the family goes to a music show at the mall to have fun. But then read more

6     1.1K    30    38

Years passed, the little ones were no longer little – they were all grown-ups now. read more

14     1.4K    30    39

© Muskan Aneja

Crime Drama +1

Somehow just looking into those dreamy eyes gave her the satisfaction that nothing read more

3     8.1K    524    40

A thought provoking story about different yardsticks and gender bias of the read more

10     25.5K    212    41

They were stunned from what they saw...!! They broke down weeping and read more

7     2.6K    84    42

Quarter 4/F
© Asha Sougaijam

Abstract Drama +1

Love, sacrifice and trust are the strongest emotions for those who love  read more

8     24.7K    698    43

© Prerna Chaudhary

Thriller Tragedy

My heart skipped a beat. My face was heavily disfigured. I had no idea whose face I read more

5     1.7K    126    44

a nice story depicting the struggles of a middle class read more

3     11.2K    550    45

A story about Birbal, the Wise from Akbar's read more

1     24.2K    128    46

A story about life, death, emotions and the will to attain the most basic of read more

4     30.9K    309    47

A night spent rehashing the past, as we held onto our individual memories, our read more

11     222    3    48

Twisted Fates
© Ashwat Jain

Crime Drama +1

Irene woke with a start. She had just dreamt of....her read more

18     9.7K    129    49

“I guess we have to find a way to coexist,” she said to herself. Half of her lip, read more

9     786    93    50

Into The Woods
© Manisha Dhan

Drama Abstract

The story is about a boy working in a circus and describes his talent and read more

5     515    18    51

I stand up and square my shoulders. It doesn’t do for the Queen of Jardin to be read more

37     368    11    52

India's biggest ever writing challenge for all college students across streams and geographies.

The white kid was noticed to be wearing a small gown and had no hair on head or read more

6     20.0K    360    53

Saving The World
© Avishi Singh

Children Stories Drama

This time when she opened her eyes, she was surrounded by light. She cradled the read more

2     1.3K    132    54

After You
© Arpita Chowdhury

Tragedy Romance +1

You've left me with a thousand memories, a million thoughts, innumerable kisses, and read more

3     892    28    55

I at times feel what destiny just played with me, but then I realize, it was all read more

4     580    15    56

The charterers were making noise and so was the Captain. Everybody was hard pressed read more

5     6.4K    617    57

This is a Scientific-Horror-Thriller-Suspense-Death-Rebirth-Ghosts, Aghoras and read more

138     163    3    58

How do you know you are alive; does a body know its dead...does the soul live read more

23     18.6K    243    59

© Kushal Aggarwal

Drama Thriller

Alexa’s light had turned red. And without me giving a command or anything, she read more

7     1.4K    64    60