Evil Gets What Evil Desires

Evil Gets What Evil Desires

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Judy Crates was combing her daughter Eliza's hair. She thought about her life with Eliza. Her eighteen-year-old daughter Eliza had Cerebral Palsy. She was paralysed below the waist. Though she looked pretty, she remained an object of ridicule. Judy felt sorry for her.

Her husband Jake had ditched her after she gave birth to Eliza. He had expected a son. When the doctors told him about the baby's ailment, he walked out of the hospital.

She had to fend for herself and her daughter. She lived alone in her two-room apartment in Austin. She wanted to earn money for their survival. She had a major hurdle in her job search. She couldn't leave her baby alone. She advertised in the newspaper for a nanny. A couple of women visited her house.

When they saw little Eliza, they fled away instantly. Judy was disappointed. Three years later, she decided to start a daycare center. She distributed pamphlets in her area to advertise her new venture. People responded to her advertisement. She had to look after twenty children. She told them stories and fed them. She changed their diapers on time. She got so busy with the kids that she had no time for Eliza. She bawled very often to attract her attention. Judy had her own set of problems. The kids were beyond her control. They started teasing Eliza and pulled her hair.

She passed urine and stool in her diaper. Children ran away after sensing a foul smell emanating from her. Judy lifted her and cleaned her up. Four-year-old Evan Smith complained to his mother about the dirty child.

His mother Patricia warned her to keep her child in isolation. Judy desperately needed money. She decided to keep her baby in her room until the children went home. She fed Eliza occasionally and checked upon her every hour. As days passed her attention towards Eliza reduced drastically.

She locked her in her bedroom. Eliza cried relentlessly for her mother to clean her up. Judy was irritated. She gave some toys to the children and opened her room. She fed her milk and put a pacifier in her mouth. The child did not stop crying. Judy lost her temper and spanked her mercilessly. Eliza fainted in her arms. Judy was alarmed. She realized that Eliza needed a change of diaper. When she removed it, she was horrified to find fungal infection in her private parts. The children went home early that day.

Judy took her to the hospital. Her pediatrician Dr.Rose Whitman yelled at Judy. She said,"What kind of mother are you? Is this how you look after your child? Your daughter is suffering because of your negligence. I have prescribed some ointment. Apply these twice a day without fail." Judy wiped her tears away and said, "I know I have been horrid to her. I guess running a daycare center is not my cup of tea. I will do as you say. When shall I bring her again?" The doctor asked her to come in two weeks.

Judy closed down her daycare center and concentrated on Eliza. She was exploring other avenues for earning a livelihood. She was an expert at baking cakes and pastries.

Her homemade cakes pies and pastries became immensely popular. She hired an assistant to help her undertake huge orders.

She climbed the ladders of success with her bakery shop. Her apple pie and meringue pie were in heavy demand. She also made jams jellies and chocolate truffles.

Her bakery did a roaring business. She became a millionaire within five years. In spite of her busy schedule, she took care of Eliza.

Eliza started speaking at the age of five. Judy taught her at home. Eliza was a bright girl. She was a quick learner. One day she asked her mother, "Why did God take away my legs?" Judy had tears in her eyes. She replied, "So that you won't leave me like your father. I need you, sweetheart." She asked her another question, " Why did daddy leave us? Is it because of me?" Judy answered with a smile, "No, darling. He left us because he didn't deserve to live with us." Eliza smiled at her. Judy hugged her before making her sleep.

More than fifteen years passed since Judy opened her bakery. She was a highly successful businesswoman. She was now a billionaire living in a mansion with several cars. A woman named Katie Wells looked after Eliza. She proved to be an excellent housekeeper cum governess. She shared a warm rapport with Eliza. Eliza loved her for her kindness.

One day Judy was shocked to see her ex-husband chatting with her daughter. She yelled at him, "What the hell are you doing here? Get out, or I will call the police. You abandoned us when she was a baby. Are you attracted towards my wealth? Tell me how much money do you need to exit from our lives." Jake apologized to her. He said, " I am sorry for making your life miserable. I paid a heavy price for my misdeeds. My second wife eloped with her boyfriend. I lost my son in a freak accident. Now I have lost my job as well. I have nowhere else to go. Please help me. I don't want money. I want to live with my family. Please give me a chance. I promise to be a better husband and a doting father."

He was so sincere in his apology that Judy decided to accept him again.

They were a picture perfect family. Jake kept his word. He was very affectionate towards Eliza. He managed the accounts of Judy's business. They led a happy life together.

Eliza wanted to go out and visit the shopping mall. Judy came out of her flashback and finished getting her dressed up. "My little princess is ready," she exclaimed with a smile.

Her husband entered the room and gave a peck on her cheeks. He kissed Eliza on her forehead. He said, "You look marvelous, honey. Let's go and have some fun." The father-daughter duo left in a mini truck with her wheelchair in the back. Judy saw them off.

They were nearing a signal. Jake applied brakes, but to his dismay, they were not working. He tried to steer the truck to safety. Eliza was biting her nails nervously. A speeding truck rammed into their mini truck killing them on the spot. The police arrived immediately with an ambulance. They recovered the two bodies from the overturned mini truck. One of the police officers found Judy's visiting card from Jake's shirt pocket.

He called her and informed her about the accident. He gave her the exact location of the mishap. She rushed to the spot as soon as possible. She broke down completely after seeing the bodies of her husband and daughter. She completed all the legal formalities before claiming their bodies.

Their funeral took place after two days.

She returned home after the funeral. She dropped her handbag on the couch and closed her eyes. Someone kissed her on her lips. She woke up with a start. "Steve, What are you doing here?" she admonished the man who gave her a smooch. "I thought of giving you company," Steve replied with a smirk. Judy pushed him away. She said, "This is not the right time for romance. I have just lost my husband." They were silent for two minutes. Judy said, "Grieving is over. It's time for celebration. I got rid of two unwanted characters in my life." She grinned at Steve who returned her grin. She opened a bottle of champagne. They drank to their heart's content. Judy said, "I have been waiting for this day. I was fed up with raising an invalid child. I tolerated her just for consolidating my business. My business flourished because of her. I showed her picture to the clients to gain their sympathy. I have accumulated enough wealth to last for my life. I don't need her anymore. Poor Jake! He lost his life unnecessarily. He never realized that I ruined his life. I used my money power to remove him from his job. I sent my trusted employee to befriend his wife. She fell for his charm and ran away. I arranged a little accident for his son. I never expected him to show up again.

I convinced him to take Eliza out in a mini truck that I had hired. I tampered with the brakes to send them to heaven." She kissed him and poured out a glass of red wine. He drank it without suspecting her evil intention. He felt a strange burning sensation.

She laughed like a maniac. She said, "You have been torturing me for several years. You forced me into having a physical relationship which I did not desire. You became a self-proclaimed business partner. My business is purely mine. I don't want anyone to share my business or wealth. Let me enjoy watching your slow and painful death." Steve Ipkins was her business partner cum lover. He pleaded with her to save his life. He even promised to disappear from her life.

Judy did not budge from her stance. He died after suffering in agony.

Judy changed into her bathrobe and went for a quick shower. She did not notice a live wire lying in the bathtub. As soon as she stepped in, she got electrocuted. Her dead body floated in the water. Steve wanted to get rid of her and take over her company. He had no idea that she was thinking along the same lines.

They ended up killing each other.

Money isn't everything. They couldn't live to enjoy a luxurious life.

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