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God resides inside all of read more

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Let's try to build a better world, read more

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This collection of English short stories by StoryMirror is a result of hard work, and determination of promising writers.

I love it when you say nothing and just stare. It reminds me all the moments that we read more

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Forlorn Hope
© Ashish Banerjee

Others Inspirational

These are the feelings of a desolate, dreary, unhappy and miserable conditions of read more

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© Nikky Choudhary

Drama Others +1

Where my mind is blown away And my soul is ripped read more

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I know that you love me and I love read more

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The world is crumbling around me A pit of sorrow is what i stand in Where my body is read more

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Shinning Eyes
© Kunal Kardam

Inspirational Others

"And I would hold you right when you think you're not fine, and I would make sure read more

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A whimsical soul's plea to be vulnerable yet protected in love, before the last read more

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A poem about finding magic in everyday read more

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On days like this, I expect no bliss. The words ring from your mouth Drive me nuts read more

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While a needle of the clock, Shows only how time read more

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“Why so sad?” I asked her once, “Why let sorrows read more

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Sitting in a corner, with your eyes on the ground, A sheepish smile on your lips, read more

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This is a poem for every one sided lover out read more

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What would your feelings be, when you find out that you and your school friends are read more

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© Shadow Blade

Comedy Others

The game of chess, played with read more

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The plight of an illegitimate read more

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Story-1  Childhood viewed from the eyes of a poet. Story-2 People often mistake a read more

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A touching poem about how time chips away at innocence and leaves everyone miserable read more

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Have you seen a tramp on the street? A Man who struggles in the heat! Unable to make read more

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© Nisha Ghosh

Drama Others +1

We sat on the makeshift chairs in front of the cart. “How much do I owe you?” he read more

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I gazed at him, absent minded for a long read more

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I’m looking around now, Wondering why and how. When did it start?  What made us read more

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Hate and read more

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Story Of A Girl
© Prerna Gaikwad

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Its was a night full of stars, I saw her, she was standing in the ground looking at read more

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When I was 6 years old, I loved the sweetness of chocolates. When I was 6 years old, read more

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The beauty of moon lit night and the trust one has on another makes this life worth read more

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Love with the tree I planted long read more

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"I am the son of that holy lord. I am the son of that one and only read more

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An intimate, powerful, and inspiring memoir by the former First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama