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Sneha Poojari

Drama Romance Tragedy


Sneha Poojari

Drama Romance Tragedy

A Forest Fire!

A Forest Fire!

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Deep down in the woods stood two trees next to each other, not too close not too far;

They grew up together since childhood, nurturing life around them as they nurtured themselves;

As time passed by they shared memories together,

Memories of birds that sang as they swayed together,

Rains and thunderstorms that they survived together,

Giving shade and food to passers by and what not, together?!

Beautifully they lived each day as they adored each other;

Did they not know they were in love with one another?

The wind here was their friend, who came by every now and then..

Reminding them that they are meant to be until the end;

Every time she passed by she pushed them towards each other..

Naughty she was, thought the trees and would shy away from one another;

Not until late they finally decided to confess,

As they knew their love for each other was immense!

The wind on hearing this rejoiced,

She danced around them with utter joy..

She blew so hard the trees could barely hold back their long spreading branches..

And there it was the result of their love, a forest fire!

The wind finally stopped blowing hard but it was too late..

The lovers now were burning with flames that no life could take.

The flames that flickered was not just fire..but the light of their souls burning itself!

They burnt with passion as they tried to hold on to each other..

Even as they burnt, their emotions rose stronger for one another!

The fire now became wild as if to show the world,

That these lovers were going to become a story untold.. Ashes they finally became

But even as ashes they united!

Not too far nor too close anymore but one!

They became manure for their little ones to grow upon..

Forever they lived together ever since and for all the days to come

The wind now sings their song however..

The song of love with a passion of fire..

Haunting the woods with a rhythm of life and death.

The tale of an everlasting love,

That did not end in the end!

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