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Sneha Poojari

Drama Romance


Sneha Poojari

Drama Romance

Not Made For Love

Not Made For Love

2 mins

He told me straight forward,

that he was not made for love..

But he gave me love in all the ways,

that I thought love ever was..

He knew how deep my wounds were..

He tried to comfort me with his lies therefore..

Alas, he didn't know..

They were merely pain killers..

Making my pain disappear for the moment..

But permanent damages.. it only made deeper,

Also, with some side effects added for free..

He tells the world that he's protecting me..

Helping me get over him..

But his lies only made me so much more weaker..

And my wounds have now become deeper..

He can give me no more pain killers going forth..

Because I now know all his truth..

There is someone else that he wants,

Just the way I want him in my arms..

If only he gave me this truth much sooner..

I'd be today much more stronger..

I'd let him be where he thought his heart belonged ..

I'd be happy for him and who knows,

I'd also find my darling drunken heart..

But he wants me to cling on to him..

And also not, at the same time..

Is he selfish?

Does he want me and not want me at the same time?

Is it only my attention that he craves for?

Is that what makes him lie to me about who he is made for?

What is he thinking ?

Do I deserve this from him?

Where do I go now?

When it's too late to find my true love?

If ever somewhere he may be..

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