Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win
Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Khushi Acharya



Khushi Acharya


Voices Unvoiced

Voices Unvoiced

2 mins

Dark is royal and fair beautiful, boldness along makes a gorgeous combination

But this utopian is unacceptable, the voices unvoiced just doesn't suit this nation

Soothing music my mouth utters can become the hymn of the century

Hushed the singer now sings isolated, oh the death of that treasury

The whistles that try to match my walk have been louder than my screams of 'no'

Abashed so slashed, under the shower, I cut the impurity and let it go

They see me in a way I feel naked with the cloth on, lust profused in their eyes

Slut when short, whore when smiled, vamp when my bra strap is peeping, sighs

Blood I shed is impure much that my god himself would turn his eyes away?

My cleavage's sight is not a scene, just fashion wise and a tinge of gay

Rapes today have given my parents sleepless nights, the fear that lies in the silent lane

So, I stay away from nights, home by 7 but live in darkness that haunts again

Scriptures say, women are goddesses and sheer strength of the world so wide

Temples we make where we stay, joy we give out and sadness we hide

So to the world I would declare my war cry today

Beats in my chest, red in my eyes and fire songs I play

My voice is a powerful anthem that can impair your heedless ears

My smile can bring rains and cyclone is brought by my tears

Each time I am silenced off my voice, I bear a knight in myself

Lioness in me is at calm, it will roar, pierce your ears, save thyself..

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